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Studio Magnetica is a film and television production company located in Sydney, Australia. 

We are a creative-led company that is results-driven. We take pride in guiding every project from development to distribution. 

Our studio consists of in-house strategists, directors, cinematographers, producers, and editors.

The Team

kevin 2_edited.jpg

Kevin Khachan

Managing Director & Producer


Jason Von Drayco

Director of Photography

Kevin is one of the most ambitious and visually distinctive filmmakers to emerge from Australia in the past 40 years. He studied film at SAE film school and then later achieved a Master's Degree in film production from Sydney University. He attracted international attention with his very first feature, Red Rabbit Lodge.


Alana Avallone

Studio Manager

Alana studied a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in media arts and production at the University of Technology Sydney. Since graduating in 2020, she has worked on a number of projects such as Box Metaphor (2022), The Longest Weekend (2022), and True Love Inc (2023).

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